GENIUSES AT WORK: "The New Master of Taekwondo" - @callmearagorn

We often remember but never forget, as adults, how creative we once were as children. It appears as if we lose site of our natural artistic abilities and take on artificial and absurd notions of what our livelihoods should be. Fortunately, by the grace of our universe, the world is changing and our new and improve youthful generation will one day be the leaders of our "free" world. In fact, thirteen-year-old sensation Aragorn Clemente epitomizes this cultural shift. We at Crime of Passion not only deem him to be an artistic taekwondo  genius but also a passionate musician, who has made great strides to thrive in his laborious works of love. He is 1st black belt in taekwondo and began taekwondo when he was 7-years-old. This year alone he has accomplished: AAU National Championships, AAU Oregon State Championships, Gold 4th Daedo Open, Singapore Gold Championship, Black belt Championships - Philippines - Silver. In-deed, the proof is truth and the truth is proof. Ultimately, Aragorn Clemente embodies the inspiration which we all seek. If you would like to bear witness of this creative phenomenon follow him on Instagram @callmearagorn.

If you are between the ages of 4-15 or know someone who is interested in featuring in our genius at work here is how you enter your submission:

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